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Carroll in the Mile High City

Jamey_carrollThe Colorado Rockies have signed utilityman Jamey Carroll to a two-year $4 million deal.

Thanks to mlb.com:
"This gives you a bit more confidence — always knowing in the back of
your mind that you’re a part of the team and its plans," Carroll said.
"But, if anything this offseason, I’m going to work hard going into
next year, because I don’t want what I did last year to just be a freak
Source: MLB.com

Carroll will most likely share the second base job with Kaz Matsui.

Carrol’s 2006 stats:

My thoughts: He shouldn’t share the job, he should start  in front of Barmes. Rockies got him cheap.

Mark Travis

Ponson and Voyles get invites from the Twins

Sidney_ponson_1 The Minnesota Twins have signed two thirty-year old pitchers to minor league contracts.

With the contracts, both Sidney Ponson and Brad Voyles, have received invitations to Spring Training.

Sidney Ponson’s 2006 stats with the New York Yankees and the St.Louis Cardinals:

Stats with the Yankees:

Stats with the Cardinals:

Brad Voyles’ 2006 with the Memphis Redbirds:

My thoughts: Sidney Ponson has struggled to find his control for quite some time now. His ERA of 10.47 is one of the reasons that absolutely no team should pick-up Sidney.
Now, for Voyles. I am not very  familiar with his career. But, his stats look like a solid middle reliever. But, of course, that was in the minors.

Mark Travis

Yanks and D’backs still talking

Big_unit_blogAccording to MLB.com’s Steve Gilbert, the Diamondbacks are still trying to acquire Randy Johnson from the New York Yankees.

The Yankees have expressed interest in these players: Luis Vizcaino, Brandon Meddows, Micah Owings, Russ Ohlendorf, and Dustin Nippert.

The teams have not agreed on specific players.

My thoughts: The Diamondbacks have some young and unreliable starters and an ugly logo. The Yankees  have absolutely no need for Johnson. This deal would affect the Yankees in a negative
way in the clubhouse (losing a great team leader and a mentor to the rooks) and a positive way in the Box Score. Now for the Diamondbacks this deal will give them a positive effect in the clubhouse and on the field. He would be reunited with his old teammates and he would be back in the National League. I think that the only reason that Johnson has been performing so terribly the last couple of years was the fact that he was in the American League. And he would be back where he threw his perfect game. I hope this deal goes down: Yankees get: RP Luis Vizcaino, RP Brandon Meddows, and cash considerations. Diamondbacks get: SP Randy Johnson and P Jeff Karstens.

Mark Travis